Typical Causes of Leg Pain

Anyone can get pain in their legs. It can range from intense stabbing pain to just a dull ache. If you overuse or injure your leg, you may get pain. This discomfort often goes away soon and can be treated at home. However, serious medical problems may be the cause of your leg pain. Persistent leg pain should always be evaluated by a physician to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Your long-term prognosis can be greatly improved with proper treatment.

Here are some typical causes of leg pain.

1. Cramps. If you have a muscle spasm or cramp, such as a “charley horse”, this can cause intense pain. You get sharp pain due to your muscles contracting. This can cause a hard lump in the muscle. There can even be swelling or redness if it persists. You can try to gently stretch it and eat foods that are high in potassium to alleviate this pain.