Colon Cancer Symptoms, Signs and Ways of Treatment

1. Colon cancer is a cancer of the lower part of the digestive system found in the large intestine (colon). Cancer of the last inches of the colon is called rectal cancer. The common name for these types of cancers is colorectal cancers. Adenomatous polyps, small, benign clumps are more likely than other types of polyps to become cancerous.

2. These are the most frequent colon cancer symptoms and signs:

Any change in bowel habits that last more than one month: diarrhea, constipation, or abnormal stool;

●       Rectal bleeding or blood in your stool;

●       Persistent abdominal discomforts such as cramps, gas or pain;

●       A feeling of an unemptied bowel;

●       Weakness or fatigue;

●       Unexplained weight loss.