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Unadulterated player pioneer of data Wellbeing conceived from the gathering of two specialists and their longing to edify the patient even with the unpredictability of restorative and para-therapeutic, BestMedicineBook is initially a wellbeing data site. Established in light of an institutional vacuum, it has additionally become a space of trade, with the goal that everybody turns into an entertainer of his wellbeing and prosperity.


Sebastian Wood


Degree in General Therapy from the University of Zurich and has the specialty of Obstetric-Gynecological Nursing (midwife) from the University of Navarra. He has worked as a midwife in various hospitals in the Spanish public and private network and has worked for several years at the Pediatric UC of the Madrid Clinical Hospital as a pediatric nurse. He has written numerous scientific articles and participated in multiple conferences and presentations. He has also been a tutor in the practical training of the Maternal and Infant subject of the Complutense University of Madrid and tutor of assistance practices in the practical training of midwives at the Virgen del Camino hospital.


William Sandoval


Bachelor of Medicine from the University of the Andes (ULA), Mérida, in 1995. For more than 20 years, Dr. Ian Reid has been a surgeon. For a long period, he was a resident of gynecology and obstetrics at the Hospital Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz in Mérida. In 1999 he entered the Anesthesiology graduate of the Universidad de los Andes where he graduated in 2005. He has extensive experience in managing perioperative pain. Bariatric anesthesiologist. In addition, Dr. William Sandoval is co-founder of the Samuel Dario Maldonado Maternal and Child Hospital in Barinas (Venezuela): he has been the operating room manager for 5 years. Currently, it is in private practice.


Antonio Russell


Antonio Russel is a guaranteed games researcher and answerable for all games medication issues. He has broad involvement with the field of treadmill examination, execution diagnostics and as a fitness coach in all issues of sports drug and preparing guidance.


Violet Carr


Cardiologist and Crisis Doctor, previous Cardiologist of Medications. Facility I, Cardiology/Escalated Care Drug, Vivantes-Klinikum Am Urban and Vivantes-Klinikum In Friedrichshain Berlin.
Individual from the German Heart Establishment since 2008.


Ashley Cohen


Ashley Cohen has been a volunteer in the BestMedicineBook article group since 2018. She contemplated reporting with an emphasis on biotechnology and medication in Sydney and for the most part composes news and magazine commitments.


Ronald Hughes


Graduated in Brain science and represented considerable authority in clinical sexology and couple treatment.


Ted Haynes


Ted Haynes considered Word related Treatment in Cardiff College. After that labored for a long time in Cardiff and Vale College Wellbeing Load up. Presently, it is in private practice.


Frank Morton


Authority in veterinary items, especially prefers to examine news and curiosities in this field. Enthusiastic about advanced and web advertising in the wellbeing division.


Tomas Warren


Tomas Warren contemplated news coverage and brain science in Hamburg and composes articles, reports, news and meetings on all wellbeing themes.


Carlos Nicholls


Logical columnist having some expertise in biotechnology. Energetic about the field of wellbeing and the new computerized advancements.


Lukas Mccarthy


Scientist had some expertise in Clinical Pharmacology. Inundated in the e-wellbeing segment for over a year.